Update from Serve A Little


Over the last two years, we have come to realize that the need for automotive repair in our community is much greater than our one shop has the means to handle. We feel that we can better serve our target population by creating a network of the existing automotive shops in Sonoma County, rather than trying to meet the need with just our one automotive shop. Once we started to expand on this idea, we came to the realization that keeping SAL Auto open to the public is not the best way to meet the needs of our target population.

Serve A Little was founded on the concept that in every community there are needs and in the same community there is the ability to meet those needs. What Serve A Little does is connect the dots. For months we have been wrestling with the challenges we have encountered in running SAL Auto. SAL Auto was a new concept, a first draft you might say, and we know that first drafts go through an editing process. While there are a lot of crumpled up balls of paper in the corner, we believe we are now heading towards a final draft. Getting back to our roots of neighbors helping neighbors.

Please know that this decision is motivated by our strong commitment to keeping single mothers moving forward. In light of all that we have learned through running SAL Auto, we view this as the best decision for the organization, but we recognize that this is not an easy change. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.



We would like to thank those who donated their services to help open SAL Auto